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NaNoWriMo starts in ten days. As usual, I will be writing the next book in the series. However, this year, the series ends - the final book will be written.

Book IX - The Dragon

War! Invasion! Massacre! Betrayal! Mercenaries!

The Burning Rose have quite spectacularly failed in their mission to avert a war with an enemy that has a dragon. As a punishment, they are not allowed to take part in the desperate defence of the North against the massive army of fanatics fielded by the Sword Bearers. Instead, they have to journey into a legendary wasteland and find a talisman that can help them defeat the dragon. Without the dragon, it might just be possible to defeat the Nataran army that outnumbers the armies of the North by at least two-to-one.

As a final piece of teasing before I disappear and start writing: You know those Trilogy bumper volumes I prepare? The ones that contain three books in the series, have an author's introduction, and an exclusive short story that will never be seen anywhere else?
The short story for the third Trilogy will be called "How Time Passes..."


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