DWCon 2012

Aug. 29th, 2012 03:04 pm
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Con report is here
Photos are here
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If anyone's going to the Discworld Convention in Birmingham this weekend, I will be selling my books at a stall in the dealers' room there.
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I have been offered a part in the opening ceremony. The part requires I bring a costume with bulky and heavy bits. I am also going to be a dealer (selling my books again), so I have to bring all my merchandise and so on. I have no car, and getting all that down to Birmingham by train (especially the change at New Street) is going to be very difficult. Can anybody please help?

Pertinent details are:
I live in Keighley in West Yorkshire, but I can get to Leeds, Bradford or Skipton with relative ease.
I am need to arrive at the hotel by Friday lunchtime, and will be leaving on the Tuesday morning.
I am prepared to pay towards petrol costs
Total luggage space needed is roughly 1.5m x 1m x 0.75m (4'6 x 3'4 x 2'6), which can be re-arranged and broken down, but not by much since I will have three bulky/awkwardly-shaped bags/cases.

Thank you.
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As you may or may not know, I was at the DWCon this weekend, selling the books. I took some time to talk to Colin Smythe (Terry Pratchett's agent) about the possibility of getting my work to a publisher. He promised to send me a list of publishers and so on that might be interested, and recommended a name to me.

I sold over half the copies I brought with me, but over half is not all. I sold out of Book I and the Trilogy, but there are plenty of copies left of Books II & III, and a few of IV. They should be being made available to buy off the shelf at Travelling Man in Leeds at some point in September.

And now, you heard it here first:
Book V, to be written this November, and available to buy April 2011 (unless I get a publishing contract, but they don't tend to work that quickly), will be called "Cult Following".
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Have Sword & Sorcery: Will Travelâ„¢ now has a facebook fanpage, thanks to my sister who has kindly offered to run it, seeing as how I don't do facebook.

And this is a reminder that I will be at a dealers' table at DWCon2010 in Birmingham, selling copies. You may have to be quick, though, as limited carrying capacity means I can only bring a dozen of each book with me, and there are going to be roughly 1000 people there. To compensate, I will be offering the eBook version as well, and I will be glad to take orders for printed copies that will be processed as soon as the convention is over.


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