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April 2018 would have seen Sir Terry Pratchett's 70th birthday. He had a well-known connection with the theatre, and so to celebrate, why not put on a play? Local theatre companies around the world can use this month to stage any Discworld play, in a great big celebration and commemoration of Sir Terry's life and work.

I discussed the idea with Colin Smythe at the DW Convention 2016, and he said it was a good one, go for it. So here we are, going for it. Let everybody know, and book the performance slot at the next planning meeting at your local theatre group!
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This is not going well. We're about halfway through the campaign and we've raised less than a quarter of our goal. That's nowhere near enough in order to be able to accomplish what we're trying to do.

As a reminder, what KCT is trying to do is produce a version of Henry V, updated to here & now and England vs Scotland, at the Edinburgh Festival in 2014, to take advantage of the upcoming referendum on independence. We work with actors with learning disabilities, giving them an opportunity to experience the world's largest and most prestigious performing arts festival, an opportunity for their talents to be recognised in a wider field than just among other actors with learning disabilities, and an opportunity to be treated as independent functioning adults, which is not something that many people with learning disabilities often get.

Please share the campaign ( with everyone you know, and encourage them to donate.
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KCT is hoping to take a show to the Edinburgh Festival next year, but to do so, we need to raise funds. Please donate, and spread the word.
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I am putting on a show at the Edinburgh Fringe. The Fifth Duck is on every day until Friday, at 4pm, at the Gryphon (venue 109) on Bread Street. COME AND SEE THE SHOW!


Apr. 7th, 2013 11:15 pm
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Edinburgh is now officially green-lit. Check out the website and sign up for the mailing list!
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Sacar Productions presents
Solo's Journey

6.30pm Thursday 20th May
Bradford Alhambra Studio Theatre
Tickets £3.50 Tel (01274) 432 000

Devised and created by the members of the Drama & Theatre Crafts Workshop at Sacar, Solo's Journey centres around Solo, a young man who has never left his house before. In the prologue, his mother finally gets tired of the situation and throws him out, telling him to make some friends. The adventure starts when he takes a wrong turn out the door, and finds himself in a world that's not quite what he expected. As he soon finds out, talking trees and animal-headed people are just the start of his problems.


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