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Less than 72 hours to go! Please give generously!
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This is not going well. We're about halfway through the campaign and we've raised less than a quarter of our goal. That's nowhere near enough in order to be able to accomplish what we're trying to do.

As a reminder, what KCT is trying to do is produce a version of Henry V, updated to here & now and England vs Scotland, at the Edinburgh Festival in 2014, to take advantage of the upcoming referendum on independence. We work with actors with learning disabilities, giving them an opportunity to experience the world's largest and most prestigious performing arts festival, an opportunity for their talents to be recognised in a wider field than just among other actors with learning disabilities, and an opportunity to be treated as independent functioning adults, which is not something that many people with learning disabilities often get.

Please share the campaign ( with everyone you know, and encourage them to donate.
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KCT is hoping to take a show to the Edinburgh Festival next year, but to do so, we need to raise funds. Please donate, and spread the word.
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King Cobra Theatre are currently trying to find someone to help us film a short promotional video for next year's project. If you know anyone who might have the kit required to film on Ilkley Moor, please get in touch!
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My sister has written a very positive blog about the Edinburgh show I'm doing. We ain't no sitting ducks!
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King Cobra Theatre is go!

Spread the word! I have taken the first steps to producing a show at this year's Edinburgh Fringe. Hopefully, MTG will be acting as Associate Producers and providing us with logistical support and rehearsal space, but even if they don't the show (currently with a working title of "The Fifth Duck") is going to go ahead.


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