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It's pretty obvious (and has been for a couple of hours) that it's a hung parliament, with Cons the largest party. Listen to all the politicos performing verbal gymnastics not trying to make a definite statement about what will happen. And then listen to the news saying that the financial markets want certainty - they don't care who runs the country, as long as someone is. The politicos keep going on about providing "strong, stable government", and there they are not providing it by not giving a straight answer to straight questions, and watch our international credit rating, currency value and stock values plummet.
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Yaay! The Greens got Brighton! That's better than the BNP, and they've been getting generally higher vote shares in other constituencies.

Keighley was supposed to return 90 minutes ago, but hasn't yet. There's no reason given, but I doubt it's a recount, it's more likely the local election count slowing things up.
EDIT: Just heard the Tories took Keighley by 3000 votes. Turnout 70%, so at least we made them fight for it. Lib Dem share up nearly 4%, Lab down 8%

What's with all these candidates for the "Christian Party"? Have they not learned from our own history (Bloody Mary, Cromwell, various Charleses and Williams, and so on), but also from recent American politics (this illustrates the point quite nicely, I think), that politics and religion should not mix? Nor should religion and education, or religion and anything official and organised.

I like the fact that the Monster Raving Loony Party candidate is standing under the word "Barking" at the Barking & Dagneham declaration. BNP came third, with nearly twice as much as the Lib Dems.

About the closed polling stations - they showed a vox pop of one of the turned-away voters at Sheffield. An 18 year-old, really excited about voting for the first time - turned away from the polling station when it shut at 10pm. She will probably never bother voting again. Electoral Commission: FAIL!
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"Things are looking worse than expected for each of the parties". Good.

I also notice that most of the Tory gains appear to be fronted by Cameron's Cuties. Plastic, just like their leader.
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Many more results coming in. Looks like the exit poll is being proved more accurate than the first few results. Tories not getting sites they want, but still winning. Bugger.


May. 6th, 2010 11:58 pm
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 It's midnight on Election Day. Three results so far, and all are disturbing: BNP getting more votes than reasonable choices such as UKIP, Labour losing 9% of their votes to Tories, LibDems not making any headway, and perhaps worst of all are the polling stations closing dead on the dot without letting in those queueing to vote. Sod the closing time, people are finally getting off their arses to vote, so let them vote! They're not braving gunfire or suicide bombs, but in countries where they have had to do so in order to vote, the polling stations let everybody vote! And they should have expected a higher turnout what with the the discontent very clearly voiced in recent months/years, so they should have made suitable arrangements. Oh, and my home constituency is predicted to go to Tory - looks like I'll be attempting to move then...
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A few days ago, [ profile] daibhid_c linked to Vote for Policies. I tried it out, and got some disturbing results.

I do not consider myself right-wing, nor do I consider myself anything more than lower-middle class. I remember the Tory government of the 80s and 90s as one that fucked up the country for the first 18 years of my life. I consider the Labour regime that followed as little more than a bunch of arrogant, self-serving, slimy, lying pricks. I wrote a part-worked novellette in the lead up to the 2005 election which ended with a plea to change the system by voting for the one party with a hope of getting in and then using the opportunity to change the system, the Lib Dems. So I was rather surprised, and, as I say above, disturbed, by the results I got.

As you go through the various policy areas, you are not told which party proposed which policy before you vote for which one you most approve of. In a couple of instances, it was obvious which party had proposed which policy. Of nine policy areas, I approved:
1 Lib Dem policy
1 Conservative policy
2 UKIP policies
2 Green policies
3 BNP policies

What!? BNP? How? I loathe them! They're a bunch of bigoted fuckwits who focus on a single issue that's not particularly relevant to anyone. How is it that a third of the policies I approved of where from them? I've been thinking about it since.

Not renowned for being great thinkers, and targeting similar people, the BNP have couched their policies in simple, straightforward terms that anyone can understand. In comparison, their policies are easier to mentally process and understand than those of the other parties, which usually trail off into quotations of meaningless figures and/or pie-in-the-sky ideas that could never be implemented due to NIMBYs, press scares stories, and the current bureaucracy. Appealing to the lowest common denominator is how The Sun sells so many copies, and is how the BNP may just be intending to get into power. It only takes one person more than those who voted for anyone else to let them into power. Well, that person will NOT be me! And nor will it be anyone I know, nor will it be anyone on my street or in my neighbourhood. Admittedly, this will be more because mine is virtually the only white household in said street, than through my persuasive abilities on the doorstep, but still. I already know how I am voting, and have done since the election was announced. And if the lowest common denominator does somehow win, I hope you'll all send me cards when I'm in prison after assassinating Nick Griffin.


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