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Well, that was scary.
We had a rehearsal tonight for Count Dracula at Skipton Little Theatre. As we usually finish just as the last train is leaving, I cycle home. Normally I don't have any problems - a few cars pass a bit too close for comfort, occasionally someone will shout at me out of their window as they pass, nothing serious.
Tonight, just as I was starting out on the penultimate stretch of dual carriageway before home, a car drew alongside and paced me for a few yards. It was a dark coloured VW Golf or similar, with two men in the front, one of whom was glaring at me out of the passenger window. I slowed down, they sped up and pulled ahead as another car went past. Then I saw them slow down again a hundred or so yards ahead, so I stopped. They pulled into the layby ahead.
I did the sensible thing, got off, crossed over, and started cycling the other way as quickly as I could. I got off the dual carriageway, onto a parallel back road, and planned to take the slow route home. As I crossed the junction at the start of the dual carriageway, the car came back, beeping as it rounded the corner.
Shit. I knew I was being followed then. I went onto the pavement, and pedalled. As I took a footpath down to a pedestrian underpass, the car raced past me again, and someone yelled "gonna get ya!" I followed the underpass, came up the slope on the other side. From the time it had taken them to reach the far end of the dual carriageway and come back, they must have been speeding as fast as they could go, and they really seemed to want to do me harm. I stayed on the pavement, went down a side road with houses on it, kept a low profile. Stopped about halfway down and waited. The car came past, they probably saw me. I watched it go a little way down the road and stop.
I didn't hesitate, I ran into the nearest garden and knocked on the front door. It was opened just as the car came back.
I briefly told the man who opened the door what was going on, and asked for shelter, and he stayed there long enough for me to point out the car as it went past again. He pointed out the footpath to his back door, less than ten yards away, and said I could take refuge there. So I did.
Huge big thank you to you - I'm sorry I'm terrible with names and I've forgotten yours, I think you said it was Darren - for saving me from a lot of pain.
We stayed in his back garden and talked for about 40 minutes while I calmed down. I told him about myself, he told me about himself - student in the last year of a business course, hoping to do something with fashion later. Seemed impressed that I'd been doing theatre and acting work for more-or-less at least the last 15 years.
So, just after midnight, I had calmed down quite a bit, and we parted company, this time with me riding on the back roads lined with houses. I got home safe, half an hour later, and only a little shaky.
Again, Darren (I think), THANK YOU.


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