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The updated Book V is now available. The last of the updated books should be available inside 24 hours.
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The updated Book III and the updated Trilogy have joined the others! (Yes, there are plans for a single-volume release of Books IV, V and VI - wait 'til autumn)
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The updated Book II has joined the updated Book I and Book VII
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"The Dragon, Shrouded", Book VII in the series, is now available to buy.
I am also making final-final polishes to every book in the series, and the new versions will be released as we go through the week. The new Book I, "Please Kill the Neighbours" is already up.
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I have finished the book!

64,774 words.
Highest final total wordcount and final average wordrate, second-highest wordcount lead and day one wordcount.

Buy it in spring.
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Passed 60k, and still a few thousand left to go. This could well be my longest NaNo so far.
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40,000. Still a lot of story left that I want to tell
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25,000 words! Half-way to the target, but not halfway through the story.
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Made it to 20,000 words.
I am going to have to do some research before continuing. It won't be as fun as the research I had to do for yesterday's bit - that involved watching an episode of Firefly
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Gah, 4k of exposition! If it's not readable, tough. If you don't get the exposition, you literally will have no clue why the plot is happening.
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I passed 10k!
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First day wordcount 6,111.
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Book VII will be written during this year's NaNoWriMo.

The title will be: The Dragon, Shrouded
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Done! Finished the story! Book VI of Have Sword & Sorcery: Will Travel™, entitled "Exit, Pursued by Bear", is FINISHED!!!!

56,591 words, averaging 1,951 a day. Lowest day 1 wordcount, second-lowest total, lowest words-in-a-single-day, and lowest projected total.

Extracts available here.


Nov. 8th, 2011 04:29 pm
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12.5k in and I've got to the bit where The Story Really Starts. I've managed to come up with some names for significant people and places, and the mercenary company is doing well. Let's get on with it.


Nov. 2nd, 2011 10:48 pm
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NaNoWriMo has started, and with it the sixth book of the Have Sword & Sorcery: Will Travel™ series, Exit, Pursued by Bear. And it's not going too well, to be honest. Due to coming down with a sore throat on Monday evening, which left me really tired and groggy for most of Tuesday, I managed the lowest day 1 wordcount I've ever had. And now, due to not thinking through properly exactly what I needed to prepare for this book, I can't proceed until I've done some number crunching, which I probably won't have time to do until Friday. So, unless I jump ahead a bit, it looks like I'm going to get a few thousand words behind the 1667 per day average - which means I'll be a bit demoralised and feel unable to get back on top of wordcount. But I hate jumping ahead. Bugger.


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