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Things that will happen in the next year (possibly in chronological order):

  • Preparation and release of new format print and ebooks of the series (including Book VIII in early April)

  • Write the exclusive short story for the final trilogy compendium

  • Write more short stories for online release

  • Make full version of the map available

  • Write Book IX

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Books IV, V and VI of the series are now available to buy in a single printed volume, along with a short story that will not appear anywhere else.
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Sorry folks, formatting issues mean there will be another 24h delay on the release of The Budding Rose Trilogy
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Slight delay to the publication of The Budding Rose Trilogy. It should be available on Monday.
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Got the final validated wordcount in just a few seconds before midnight: 71,731 words.
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Crossed the finish line! 50,526 words. Still a way to go with the actual story, though.
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Passed 40,000 at NaNoWriMo
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Halfway to the winning line! Just passed 25000 words.
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Passed 10k at NaNo; a bit later than I'd have liked, but I still passed it.
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Day 1 of NaNoWriMo 2015 - 2,683 words.
I'm on the way!
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Later this month I shall be writing a new short story, entitled "How I Met Your Mother". However I won't be posting it online. You will only be able to read it if you buy the compilation of the second trilogy in the series.
The second trilogy will include the complete contents of Books IV, V and VI, and the exclusive print-only "How I Met Your Mother". It's a story from the reasonably-recent past, and deals with some of the events that made Landry of Filamo famous.
The book itself will be available in early December through the usual channels.


Jun. 6th, 2015 11:59 am
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A short story that has been sat on since mid-March.

An Inkling of Something Important Occurring )
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The updated Book V is now available. The last of the updated books should be available inside 24 hours.
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The updated Book III and the updated Trilogy have joined the others! (Yes, there are plans for a single-volume release of Books IV, V and VI - wait 'til autumn)
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The updated Book II has joined the updated Book I and Book VII
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"The Dragon, Shrouded", Book VII in the series, is now available to buy.
I am also making final-final polishes to every book in the series, and the new versions will be released as we go through the week. The new Book I, "Please Kill the Neighbours" is already up.
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I have finished the book!

64,774 words.
Highest final total wordcount and final average wordrate, second-highest wordcount lead and day one wordcount.

Buy it in spring.


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