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I am currently selling Book I of Have Sword & Sorcery: Will Travel on EBay.
The listing is here.
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Anyone want to buy one? 'Cos I've got one on sale on eBay. 10% of final sale price goes to Alzheimer's Research.
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Just put up the last of my railway stuff up on eBay. Once they're gone, I'll have to start on the surplus books and clothes if I can't manage to find a job of some sort. :-(
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I've just put the first dozen items from my model railway up on ebay (username "I-am-skint", 'cos I am). 14 down, 50-ish to go.

When I was a teenager, I built up quite a collection, always intending to have a decent layout sometime. However, a lack of money and space always prevented me from achieving this. And now, since I'm really running out of readies, I'm selling it. Nearly a thousand quids-worth when I bought it. Worth about a third as much now. I tried to offload it to the shop where I worked Saturdays in Skipton (where I bought most of it from as well - they've had a change of management since), but they don't have the space to display it. And I was told there's probably nowhere in the area that'll take second-hand - nearest place is Sheffield, apparently. So, ebay it is.


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